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There are three levels of T&I Partnership:

Commercial Partneryou will be able to buy Team & I Products and Services at discounted prices. This partnership level has a discount on products of Team & I of 7%
Accredited PartnerIn order to get access to the full range of Belbin Tools and Techniques that Team & I offer you need to be accredited. By succesfully completing the Accreditation Course you will become an accredited Belbin Team Role consultant and will receive a certificate signed by Dr. Meredith Belbin to proof it! This partnership level has a discount on products of Team & I of 14%
T&I PractitionerAfter completing accreditation you can take the next step to T & I Practitioner. You will be trained to understand and use tools and techniques in the areas of NLP, Coaching, Culture Awareness and Change Management to become the complete consultant. In addition you will be coached by Team & I to get the full benefits of our decades of experience in organisations, management and working with teams.This partnership level has a discount on products of Team & I of 20%


Partner Points Program

The partnership program offers the possibility of accumulating partner points at all partnership levels when buying products and services of Team & amp; I. You can exchange the partner points for tests when it suits you. The number of points that you accumulate depends on the level of partnership, and the number of awarded points increases as soon as you go to the of partnership. There are the following partner points options:

  • You can send a link to others so they can do a self-perception test online. You, as a partner, can generate promotional codes, of which you will inform the interested clients. Once a person uses a promo code that they received from you, they will receive a discount on the price of the test and your account will be credited with partner points
  • You also accumulate points directly when you buy tests for your own use

    Points per product sold
    Product Partnership Levels Points necessary for exchange
    Commercial Accredited Practitioner
    1 Self Perception test (SPI)101520200
    1 Observer Assessment test (OBS)N.A.4550
    1 Team Composition Report (TR)N.A.1012100

    In addition it is possible to exchange points for cash. The details of the financials are described in the Team & I Partner Agreement. 

The Team & I Partner Program

Applying the Belbin Team Role Model and Tests in the right way requires some knowledge. The Self-perception test can be done by anyone, but other functionality like Observer tests and team reports require a deeper understanding of theory, processes and tools. That is why this functionality is only available to partners

The Team & I Partner Program offers advantages both in pricing and in gathering Partner Points, that can be converted to Team & I Tests. If you have question about the Partner program, please   contact us