Accredited consultants

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Over the years many people have become Accredited Belbin Consultants. This page shows the consultants that are available, with their contact details

The accredited consultants

Tatyana A. Runge
Tatyana A. Runge is an experienced consultant in the area of corporate culture, performance management, teams and behavioural approach in management.
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Ekaterina Demina
Ekaterina has a MSc in psychology (MSU). She is the head of assessment department in a Russian organization, an internal counselor for career and org. development, a coach and a manager of behaviour assessment centres.
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Ludmila Vorobieva
My specialization is training&development, assessment, career consulting and support in organizational change. I have been in HR for over 15 years.
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Lyudmyla Slobodyanyuk
Lyudmyla Slobodyanyuk is a managing partner of Transavia Group, a consultant in the area of negotiation, leadership and team approach in business.
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Natalia Turkulets
Natalia Turkulets has 20 years of practical experience as HR Director with DuPont/ConocoPhillips, Shell, Wimm-Bill-Dann, Lafarge.
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Anastasia Vitkovskaja
Anastasia Vitkovskaya is a psychologist, business consultant, business coach, co-owner and partner of the Advanced Management Institute (AMI) in St. Petersburg.
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