Personal Coaching for Performance

Personal Coaching for Performance

Personal Coaching for Performance aims to improve personal performance at the workplace through changing the mindset and behaviour.

The Personal Coaching for Performance Program consists of a number of steps :

  • Meetings with management to determine goal setting and reporting. Here it is important to keep in mind that Personal Coaching meetings are confidential between coach and coachee.
  • Determining start situation of the coachee. This consists of:
    • Belbin Personal Teamrole profiles
    • Personal Preferences Questionnaire (PPQ)
    • Job Preferences Questionnaire (JPQ)
  • Initial meeting with the coachee on current performance and goal setting
  • Regular performance review meetings that are used to monitor progress and make goal adjustments where needed
  • Coaching will be completed by delivering a final review and report. What will reported back, if anything, is discussed at the beginning of the process, so both management and coachee know what to expect


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