Team & I Systems

At present Team & I supports 3 systems:
  • e-Interplace IP6 (Legacy)
  • e-Interplace IP7 (Beta version)
  • TRiNGiNE
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    The e-Interplace systems (IP6 and IP7) implement a test that measure the Belbin Team Roles, as described in the second edition of Dr. Meredith Belbin's book "Management teams, why they succeed or fail". The Belbin model and e-Interplace system have been adopted all around the world and are highly successful. e-Interplace has at present already been used for thousands of tests in the Russian language, which makes it possible to compare your Belbin Team Role profile with that of thousands of other people in the Russian language areas.

    TRiNGiNE is a system that provides an alternative interface to IP6. It introduces a host of new functionality to be used with Belbin Team Roles that is especially interesting for organisations e.g. statistics functions, new tests : job and organisation preferences, job tests and organisation tests and job, organisation and candidate matching functionality


    To open an e-Interplace IP6 account you will first need to register with Team & I Systems.

    Alternatively, you can also buy a single SPI to try out the e-Interplace system. To get a feeling for what you can expect see the sample reports

    With Interplace, the Belbin Team Role System, a number of tests are possible :

    1. The Self perception Inventory (SPI) - the report that is generated based on this test shows you what your preferred team roles are, and how this expresses itself through your strength and weaknesses.
    2. The Observer Assessment (OBS) - the report that is generated based on this test basically completes your team role profile, but now with the assessment of other, who know you well and/or work with you.
    3. The Team Report (TR) - Based on a number of completed team role profiles (SPI/OBS) you can "form" teams and run the Team Report to see how well these teams are expected to do based on their Team Role composition


    We offer a range of options, depending on your circumstances. Contact us so that we can work out the best price for you!

    If you would like to know more about the Interplace6, Interplace7 or TRiNGiNE please  contact us