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Personal tests Price (€)
excluding VAT
Self-perception test Interplace6 (SPI) (Russian) € 65.00
Self-perception test Interplace6 (SPI) with promotion code (Russian)

€ 60.00
Management Teams : Why they succeed or fail (Russian)
(Price is excluding transport and packing)
€ 21.28
A guide to success (Russian)
(Price is excluding transport and packing)
€ 16.50
Educational movies
Fire, Toast and Teamwork (English spoken, Russian subtitles)
(Price is excluding transport and packing)
€ 738.00
Educational games
Co-operate - exercises to help teams communicate and recognise their different contributions. Can be played with groups of up to 24 people.
(Price is excluding transport and packing)
€ 799.50
Belbin Accreditation for Consultants en Managers (per participant) € 2,460.00
Belbin Accreditation for Human Resources Professionals (per participant) € 2,135.00


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